The Journal of the United Nations Philatelists


The United Nations Philatelists (UNPI) is an organization of philatelists devoted to the collection, study and exhibition of the issues of the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA), the postal history of the United Nations, its branches, specialized agencies and forerunners.


To support these activities, the UNPI prepares a bi-monthly journal named The Journal of United Nations Philatelists, which keeps its members informed about UN philately, including club activities and meetings, on-going research of philatelic interest to UN Philatelists.


Several articles related to the Postal History of ICAO were published in the above-mentioned Journal and are listed hereafter with hyperlinks to the original stories in PDF format.




Journal Nr.




ICAO Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

June 2019

Vol. 43 #3


The Stamps that Commemorate ICAO’s 75th Anniversary

June 2021


Vol. 45 #3


ICAO Philately - The Firsts

October 2021


Vol. 45 #5


ICAO Philately - The Latest

August 2022


Vol. 46 #4