UNITING AVIATION is ICAO's digital news and information sharing platform producing some of the industry's most thought-provoking aviation content. Several articles based on The Postal History of ICAO were posted on this platform. See entries with hyperlinks here-below.







International Pilots’ Day: Celebrating the Importance of IFALPA’s Contributions to ICAO’s Work

26 April 2019



Albert Roper: The First Secretary General of ICAO and Architect of the 1919 Paris Convention

2 May 2019


Celebrating the History of Aeronautical Information Services

14 May 2019


ICAO and ITU: Celebrating a Crucial Cooperation at the Heart of Aeronautical Telecommunications

17 May 2019


The Edward Warner Award: Commemorating Greatness

12 June 2019




How Did ICAO Become Part of the United Nations?

9 December 2019




The Selection of Montréal, Canada as the Permanent Headquarters of ICAO

10 December 2019




The Stamps that Commemorate ICAO’s 75th Anniversary

6 March 2020