United Nations : 50th Anniversary of the United Nations


Issue date: 24/10/1995


Three 22-page booklets (with texts in English, French and German) provide the history of the United Nations and describe its main organs, the Specialized Agencies and the Programmes. Stamps of prior UN issues are reproduced and are identical in the three booklets.

Each booklet contains 12 stamps (in four panes of three stamps each) showing humans of different peoples, i.e. faces of mankind. The rate of the stamps is labelled according to the currencies of the countries: US$ 0.32 for New York, F.S. 0.30 for Geneva, and 3 shillings for Vienna.

The following pictures show the front page of each booklet and page 20 of each booklet with a reproduction of UN Geneva 25-cent stamp: ICAO Safety in the Air, issued on 12 June 1978.


UN New York booklet:



UN Geneva booklet:



UN Vienna booklet:



The following pictures show all the pages of the UN New York booklet.


Front page.


Page 2.


Page 4.


Page 6.


Page 8.



Page 10.


Page 12.






Page 14.


Page 1.


Page 3.


Page 5.


Page 7.


Page 9.


Page 11.


Page 13.


Page 15.


Page 16.


Page 18.


Page 20 with the reproduction of the ICAO stamp.


Last page.

Page 17.


Page 19.


Page 21.