Uganda : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 14/11/1994



Depicts the impressive and efficient terminal building at the Entebbe International Airport, just outside the capital city of Kampala, and the ICAO logo.


Depicts the control tower at the Entebbe International Airport (tower above roof of airport) and the ICAO logo.

The air traffic controllers work in this Control Tower to ensure the safety of all travel across the skies of Uganda.


Cancelled to Order (CTO).

Full sheets of 15 stamps.



Official First Day Cover with unusual design of the ICAO emblem in the cachet. Two types of cancels.

Note that the acronym of the Organization should be written ИКАО instead of NKAO.



Background: The two stamps of this issue highlight important aspects of the international airport in Entebbe, a short distance away from the capital city of Kampala.