PICAO Bulletin - ICAO Bulletin and Journal


August-September 1945

Front page of the first issue of the PICAO Journal (Number 1),

The ICAO Journal has a long history of recording the activities and events that have shaped the evolution of the Organization and many aspects of global air transport. In August-September 1945, the PICAO Journal was issued for the first time to record the activities, studies and progress of the Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization (PICAO). This initial and first edition was published in English, French and Spanish. The PICAO Journal had 8 numbers and the last one was dated September 1946 – May 1947.


On 1 November 1946, the PICAO Monthly Bulletin was published for the first time in a two-column format to provide a concise account of PICAO’s activities and to supplement the PICAO Journal in which detailed work of the Organization was recorded; thus, it was more modest in size than the Journal. In June 1947 and after ICAO came into being on 4 April 1947, the PICAO Monthly Bulletin became the ICAO Monthly Bulletin; except for the absence of the “P” in the title, it was identical to its predecessor. The first-ever picture appeared in the February 1949 edition of the Monthly Bulletin; in June 1950, it received a facelift with an illustrated cover and the slogan “ICAO A Specialized Agency in Relationship with the United Nations” was printed on the cover page. Over the years, there were progressively more and more pictures in the Bulletin to become a more attractive publication.


In January 1953, the ICAO Monthly Bulletin became the ICAO Bulletin. Advertising was first accepted in the April 1969 issue; at that time, the objectives of the ICAO Bulletin were to provide a concise account of ICAO’s activities, recommendations and decisions, in addition to featuring additional information of interest to Contracting States and the international aeronautical world.


Advertisement from the ICAO Bulletin

in 1967.


In the ICAO Bulletin issues of April, August and September 1967, advertisements were placed requesting readers to renew their subscription at the price of US$2.00 per year; each issue cost US$0.25 at that time. Meanwhile, contacts were made with the Canadian Offices in Ottawa searching ways to extend the subscriptions of the Bulletin by getting in touch with their addresses. To this end, cards were printed by the Canadian Department of Public Printing and Stationery with texts in French/English, then cut in half (to separate the French and English parts) and sent out at the negotiated rate for a printed postcard, i.e., 2 cents, while the rate of the domestic mail was 5 cents. From the existing stock, Queen Elizabeth II 4-cent carmine stamps (from the QEII Cameo portrait issue, 1962-1963) were cut in half diagonally (bisected stamp) and used on the postcards for half of their stated face value.


Except for the blue colour and maybe some other basic colours, it was not until 1970 that colour photos were introduced on the cover and in the advertisements.

In January 1990, the ICAO Bulletin became the ICAO Journal, describing more accurately the extent of its general and technical editorial mix and reflecting the progressive changes in substance over the years. With the display of colour photos, the publication evolved to a modern look.


The 12 issues per year of the Bulletin/Journal were published in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.

Queen Elizabeth II 4-cent - Cameo portrait issue

The frequency of the issues was later diminished to: 10 issues per year from 1993, 9 from 2000, 6 from 2005, 4 from 2014, and eventually 2 issues per year in 2018 and 2019. The Journal was temporarily issued in Russian between 2009 and 2012, while the other three languages were maintained. From 2013, the ICAO Journal was issued/printed in English only.


The last printed issued of the ICAO Journal was Volume 74, Number 2 commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Organization in 2019 (ICAO 2019 - 75 Years of Connecting the World); after that, the ICAO Journal (in printed and electronic versions) was discontinued. Most of the information is now published electronically via the following site and link:


Although initially just printed, the issues of the Bulletin/Journal were scanned backwards from year 1982 and made available on ICAO website.


In 2007, ICAO gave a new look to the Journal (from Volume 62, number 4 and onwards), placing more importance on the role and activities of the Organization, while continuing to provide important updates on the state of international transport, changes to its regulatory framework, and global and regional initiatives where ICAO is exercising its leadership. The word “Journal” no longer appeared on the front page, although it is still part of the magazine’s title and thus retained its important continuity with past issues and volumes. From then, the Printing Section of ICAO produced the Journal on its in-house equipment. In 2007, the yearly subscription (6 issues per year) cost US$40; single copies were available for US$10.



Front page of the first issue of the PICAO Monthly Bulletin (November 1946).


Front page of the first issue of the ICAO Monthly Bulletin

(June 1947).





ICAO Monthly Bulletin

January 1951

Front page and other pages related to Belgium as Council Member State.


Front page of the first issue of the ICAO Bulletin

(January/February 1953).


ICAO Bulletin – 1962

Vol. XVII, No. 2.

Front page.

This picture shows a Boeing 720B on a training flight, as it does an unusually steeply 180-degree turn above some healthy cumulus.

The 720B was the version of the 720 with JT3D turbofan engines, resulting in lower fuel consumption and higher thrust. The 720B first took to the skies on 6 October 1960; it received certification and entered service with American Airlines in March 1961.



Advertisement cards sent out

in 1967.

Front and back pictures.

In this case, the back shows the English text.

(Postmarked on 29 August 1967).

Note the bisected stamp, i.e., the stamp cut in half diagonally and used on the postcard for half of the stated face value.


Commercial cover sent from Tampere, Finland to the Editor of the ICAO Bulletin

Postmarked on 9 April 1978.



The ICAO Journal

in January 1990: Front page and page 10.

Service cover sent by ICAO Advertising Representative in the USA to ICAO Journal Unit.

Postmarked on 28 March 1991.



Front page of the ICAO Journal in 2007, Volume 62, number 4.


Front page of the last issue of the ICAO Journal

in 2019, Volume 74, number 2.
































In addition to Bulletins and Journals, PICAO and ICAO issued regularly basic information on its activities through the means of pamphlets and memorandums.









































This picture shows a montage of the various editions of the MEMORANDUMS ON ICAO, from the 1st edition of the 15th (and last) edition issued in January 1994 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of ICAO.






This pamphlet in French (with the 4 cover pages shown here) describing ICAO’s activities was dated 1949 or right before, as the 60-cent imperforate stamp shown on this copy was released by Brazil on 18 June 1949 to honour the Brazilian Air Force in Italy; the stamp shows the badge of the Air Force, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft and the map of Italy in the background. The cancel indicates: 2O CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE AERONAUTICA, which was held in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of this Conference was to study the development of the national aeronautical industry in Brazil.