Cahier de l’Académie québécoise d’études philatéliques


One of the goals of the Académie québécoise d’études philatéliques (Quebec Academy of Philatelic Studies) is to raise awareness of philately through the dissemination of research and studies produced by its members. Since its foundation in September 1982 (see excerpt from La Presse newspaper here-after), members of the Academy have presented numerous lectures and prepared articles which are printed in the form of one Opus per year.


Albert Pelsser became a member of the Academy in 2011 with the presentation of Errors in the topical collection of the International Civil Aviation Organization. Further to this presentation, the resulting article was inserted in the Opus XVII (2011), pages 265-280, as per following link: Opus XVII pages 265-280. As per this article, the seat proposed was in honor of Ted Abrams, ICAO’s Chief PIO in the years 1970-1980, who was the initiator of the philately on ICAO’s theme.


Excerpt from La Presse newspaper of 25 September 1982 reporting the foundation of the Académie québécoise d’études philatéliques.