Mozambique : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 12/10/1994



Air Tractor AT-500 airplane flying over field (crop spraying) and 50th anniversary logo.

The Air Tractor AT-500 is a family of agricultural aircraft that first flew in the United States on 25 April 1986, manufactured by Air Tractor Inc.


Control tower at Pemba airport in the North of Mozambique; 50th anniversary logo.


Boeing 737-200 from LAM (Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique); 50th anniversary logo.


Maintenance man inspecting jet engine of Boeing 767-200ER; 50th anniversary logo.




Cancelled to Order (CTO)

Extract from the philatelic leaflet.


As the Portuguese name of the Organization is: Organização da Aviação Civil Internacional, the Portuguese text should read: HISTÓRIA SOMBRE A OACI, instead of HISTÓRIA SOMBRE A ICAO. The French translation should read: HISTOIRE DE L’OACI, instead of HISTOIRE DE L’ICAO.


Philatelic notice – Extract from the Portuguese text.


Philatelic notice – Extract from the English text.


The above texts in Portuguese and English are awful, and full of mistakes. A few flaws are reported hereafter.

1.     In the Portuguese text, the acronym should be OACI and not DACI.

2.     In the English text:

a.     The word achonym is misspelled and should read acronym.

b.     The letter n is missing in the word International.

c.     Although it is correctly printed in the Portuguese upper text, the word Internacional is missing in the Portuguese name of ICAO.

d.     Whereas the Portuguese text mentions correctly the date of the Chicago Convention (7 de Dezembro de 1944), the English text uses the year 1994.

e.     Dezember is misspelled; it should read December.

f.     A space is missing between which and has.

g.     Two letters (a and r) are missing in the word headquarters.

h.     The letter e is missing the word members.


Official First Day Cover with generic helicopter on the cachet and generic aircraft on the postmark. The text in the postmark and the cachet should read 50º ANIVERSÁRIO DA OACI, instead of 50º ANIVERSÁRIO DA ICAO.


Background: This issue reflects great areas of work that ICAO, during its last 50 years, dedicated itself to develop.

By April 1991, LAM’s fleet consisted of two Boeing 737-200s (including a convertible one), one Boeing 767-200ER (plus another one on order) and four CASA 212-200s.