Errors in the texts


Frequent design errors are found in texts of the stamps comprised in the ICAO philatelic collection, such as errors in the names of the designers or artists, aviation pioneers or aircraft, cities; in some instances, orthographic symbols are just missing.  



Peru – 15 September 1937

Inter‑American Technical Conference on Aviation (15 to 25 September 1937)

The Peruvian world aviation pioneer Jorge Chávez-Dartnell was the first person to try to fly across the Alps on 23 September 1910. The town, where Chávez’s aircraft crashed, is called Domodossola, earlier known as Domo d’Ossola (in the Ossola valley, Piemont, Italy). However, the stamp mentions the name of Domossola (misspelling of the city’s name).



Paraguay – 24 April 1979

History of aviation – 75th Anniversary of civil aviation – 35th Anniversary of ICAO

Although the stamp shows an error in the first name of the pioneer Eugene Ely (Eugenne with two n-letters), the text in German on the left side of this cover shows the correct spelling in the first name.


Paraguay – 8 April 1980

100th Anniversary of Sir Rowland Hill death – 75th Anniversary of aviation

Deperdussin is spelled with 2 ‘p’ on the stamp.


Guyana – 26 October 1984 - 40th Anniversary of ICAO

Sheetlet of 25 stamps – The original stamps were overprinted twice.

The first overprint was for the bicentennial of first manned flight (1783‑1983) and the 20th anniversary of Guyana Airways.

The second overprint was for the 40th anniversary of ICAO.

Mont Golfier should be written in one word: Montgolfier.

Note that the overprinted three-letters correspond to IATA airports codes in Guyana.



Cameroon (30 November 1984) and  Gabon (1 December 1984)

40th Anniversary of ICAO

The name of the Swiss Artist Erni is printed Herni.


Grenada – 15 May 1985 - 40th Anniversary of ICAO

       De Havilland is printed with one 'l'.


Lesotho – 17 November 1994 - 50th Anniversary of ICAO

The information on the selvage (i.e. the marginal paper on the pane) of this block of four stamps shows an incorrect inscription: ANNIVERSARY OF ICAO AEROPLANES.

An error is introduced here due to the missing character separating ICAO and AEROPLANES; alternatively, the word AEROPLANES should have been printed on a separate line to avoid any misunderstanding.