Improper issues


Some errors could not be classified in the above chapters and are illustrated hereafter.



Yemen – 1979

Imperforated stamp with  NATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION inscription

Yemen – 1979



Although ICAO’s 30th anniversary was celebrated in 1977, Yemen released a set of two stamps and one souvenir sheet only on 15 November 1979. However, the items of this issue indicate vertically on their left-side: 23 March 1977.


The complete set (stamps and souvenir sheet) was originally designed with the following text and error: 30th ANNIVERSARY of NATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION. This error was noticed at the time of printing, thus before the perforation of the sheets; only imperforated items are available with this error, as the items with the error were not issued. The issue was eventually released with the correct text: 30th ANNIVERSARY of INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANISATION.






Ghana – 1994

Issue with 50th Anniversary of GCAA inscription

Ghana – 1994

Correct issue related to the 50th Anniversary of ICAO

The development of the Civil Aviation Authority in Ghana goes back to 1930 with a unit created within the Public Works Department; in 1953, that kernel GCAA was granted departmental status and became an Authority on 16 May 1986. In the year 2004, the GCAA Act was ratified and provided for the official establishment of a Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), which would focus on the core functions of airspace management and safety regulations whilst allowing for a different organization to handle airport development and operations. This decision was in fulfillment of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements. Pursuant to the above, the GCAA was restructured on 1 January 2007 into two bodies, i.e. the new Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and the Ghana Airports Company Limited.


On 20 December 1994, Ghana intended to issue a set of 3 stamps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of ICAO; however, those stamps were printed with 50th Anniversary of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and related logo; when the error was noticed, the whole consignment was withdrawn, but too late as stamps with the error had already been sold. After that, the emblem and inscription were replaced by ICAO’s information for the actual issue related to the 50th anniversary of ICAO.






Letter dated 15 March 1995

indicating that an error was detected in the production of the Ghana stamps.