Bolivia : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 04/12/1995



Airbus A310‑300; 50th anniversary logo; Illimani Mountain.


Photo Proof (polychrome).



Imperforated blocks of four, with ruler or marks of measurements. Proof.


ICAO Official emblem.

Official First Day Cover. The aircraft on the postmark looks like a Convair CV-880 (4-engine jetliner), because of the wide spacing between engines and the shape of the vertical stabilizer. A six-digit sequential number is printed on the flap on this cover.

Errors in the design of ICAO emblem:

1.    The inner side of the two wings is stopped right at the outer circle, which distorts the horizontal diagonal.

2.    The outer circle is broken down in two places, in its lower part.

3.    The representation of the continents is somewhat simplified.

4.    The circle in its lower part must be doubled.




Background: The Illimani Mountain in western Bolivia is just south of La Paz, in the Cordillera Oriental range of the Andes Mountains. The mountain has four main peaks; the highest, Nevada Illimani, rising 6462 m (21,201 ft) above sea level, is a famous ascent for mountain climbers. Illimani is an extinct volcano east of the Altiplano in Bolivia.