Argentina : 50th Anniversary of the United Nations


Issue date: 14/10/1995


Se‑tenant block of four 75-centavo stamps forming a unified design with the earth in the centre. In addition to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations (UN), the present issue also commemorates the anniversaries of the following UN Agencies: FAO (50th anniversary in 1995), ICAO (50th anniversary in 1994, see stamp in upper-right position of the block) and ILO (75th anniversary in 1994).




Cancelled To Order (CTO) at La Plata.


Cancel on ICAO stamp only (at Buenos Aires).

Official First Day Covers (FDC) cancelled at Buenos Aires.


FDC with the 4 stamps separated.


FDC with the block of 4 stamps.


First Day Cover sent registered in an envelope format with upper side folded.


First Day Cover with cachet related to the Mother’s Day in Argentina, celebrated on the third Sunday of October.


Background: The philatelic notice (see all pages below) printed by the Argentinean Postal Authority is interesting, as it shows two major errors:

1.    The full name of the Organization is printed as follows: ORGANIZACIÓN CIVIL INTERNACIONAL, when the exact name is: ORGANIZACIÓN DE AVIACIÓN CIVIL INTERNACIONAL; and

2.    The following paragraph reads as follows: El 7 de Diciembre de 1994 se firmó en Chicago el convenio sobre Aviación Civil Internacional. The Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation was signed on 7 December 1944, and not in 1994.