1958-1985: Miscellaneous Regional air navigation meeting


Covers for various Regional Air Navigation (RAN) Meetings held between 1958 and 1985 are also available; they are grouped hereafter.



Fourth European-Mediterranean Regional Air Navigation (RAN) Meeting held in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, from 28 January to 21 February 1958.

Two stamped imprints associated with this conference were used for the outgoing mail:





Fifth European-Mediterranean Regional Air Navigation (RAN) Meeting held in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, from 1 to 26 February 1966.

One stamped imprint associated with this conference was used for the outgoing mail:





Middle East/South East Asia (MID/SEA) Regional Air Navigation (RAN) Meeting held on the premises of the Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines, from 19 November to 13 December 1968.

A special post office was opened up at the Manila Hotel in connection with the above conference. According to ICAO records, this meeting ended on 13 December 1968. ICAO initially planned this meeting from 19 November to 14 December; for this reason, the cancellation shows an ending date of 14 December 1968.



The second cover (front and back) is a First Flight Cover (FFC) sent home by the US Delegate to this Meeting Larry Baxter and signed by the Head of the US Delegation Howard W. Hupert. Flown on the return leg from Manila, Philippines to USA, with cancel at Washington on 2 January 1969. Note that this meeting actually ended on 13 December 1968, although this cover indicates the initially planned date of 19 December.

Note on this Meeting: The rapidly-increasing air traffic of the area from the Lebanon and the United Arab Republic in the west and Japan and Australia in the east - and what this traffic needs in the way of ground facilities and services - was studied at a Regional Air Navigation Meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization, which began in Manila, Philippines on 19 November and would last about four weeks. Some forty ICAO Member States, either located within these regions or which operate air services passing through them, were invited to attend; more than 400 Delegates and Observers were present.

At that time, there were nine ICAO air navigation regions; for all of these, regional plans adopted at meetings such as the one in Manila specify in detail the provision and location of the thousands of facilities and services needed (such as airports, runway lengths, communications and meteorological services, navigation aids, flight information, air traffic control and search and rescue centres, etc.) to enable air transportation to be conducted in a safe and regular manner.

This was the second ICAO Regional Air Navigation Meeting held in Manila at the invitation of the Government of the Philippine Republic. In 1955, a Regional Meeting in Manila was the first to consider the introduction in the Pacific area of what were then considered the "large jet aircraft", such as the Boeing 707 and the Douglas DC8, with seating capacities of up to 150 passengers. This MID/SEA Meeting updated the plans for the two regions, taking into account the shortly-awaited introduction of 1968ís version of "large jet aircraft": the so-called "jumbo jet", with a carrying capacity of from 350 to 500 persons. Planning was also undertaken for some prospective operations by supersonic transport aircraft.




Seventh European (EUR/7) Regional Air Navigation (RAN) Meeting held in Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain, from 12 to 23 November 1985.

The cachet on upper-cover was produced by color cachet Maker ALFIL, S.A. in Barcelona, Spain and shows the silhouette of an Airbus A340.