1948: New Delhi Regional air navigation meeting


The eleventh Regional Air Navigation (RAN) meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was held in New Delhi, India for the South-East Asia (SEA RAN Meeting) Region from 23 November to 14 December 1948.  This was the 11th in the series of conferences designed to cover the major international flying areas of the world. Sixteen States and two international organizations attended. The main purpose of the regional meetings were the examination of existing facilities for airports, navigational aids, communications, air traffic control, meteorology, operations and search and rescue, together with the determination of the additional facilities required and the operating procedures necessary for the safe and efficient development of international air navigation in the regions concerned.


This RAN meeting was the first ICAO regional meeting to be charged with the task of examining and preparing recommendations on the work of the ITU Aeronautical Frequency Conference (Geneva 1948), as it affected the Region.


On the postal history side, the cover shown hereafter was sent registered to ICAO-Montreal in an ON HIS MAJESTY’S SERVICE envelope using Indian service stamps. It is postmarked with a special postmark with the text “ICAO SEARAN REG?? NEW DELHI, 18 NOV 1948”.  The cover has a blank Registry Label with the ink inscription “ICAO New Delhi”. There is a violet three-line cachet reading “Despatcher, ICAO SEA RAN Meeting Secretariat, New Delhi”; it is an Origin Cachet or Office of Origin Cachet (i.e. stamped imprint placed on outgoing mail indicating the office from which it was mailed).


It is assumed that the conference post office was opened at least five days before the start of the conference, since the Meeting Secretariat was already there making arrangements.