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As ICAO owns and generates numerous civil aviation datasets, over a year ago it has launched this APIs (Application Programming Interface) Data Service. Around 60 various APIs are available for the users from various fields of aviation: Government bodies, ATM, airports, airlines, Data mining researchers/developers– more than 7,000 user who trusted ICAO’s API service for their day-to-day activities. APIs present the highly reliable data sets formatted in CSV and JSON. They are easily accessible and digestible via update APIs webpage:

These data sets cover multiple topics from airports to aircraft, aircraft operators to manufacturers.Our Top APIs are Doc7910, Doc8585, Doc8643, and NOTAMS

East to use and integrate, ICAO APIs can be provided in a few ways:
- Free access for all trail users
- Through Booster packs available on ICAO store that allow to make APIs call each time when a data point is required
- Through full data download when the user gets a full data-set in CSV or JSON format. These data sets are updated regularlyThrough a licencing agreement to have the unlimited access to data from APIs

ICAO has created APIs as part of its intellectual property mandate to bring a convenient way to share and deploy valuable information.
If you have any questions or suggestions as you begin to make use of this newly updated service, please contact us at



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ICAO Aviation database API,国际民航组织数据服务
Welcome to ICAO API Data Service page
When registering with the API Data Service you will get an API key with 100 free calls to test ICAO APIs service.

Enter a valid API key to use 100 free trial calls or to activate Booster pack calls

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For all the inquires regarding the full data-set download or unlimited calls, please contact ICAO Business Development Unit at
Download API data fields catalogue Airports: CYUL,KJFK,LFPG... Try World Airports Mapsite Operators: ACA,CCA,DAL... States: USA,CAN,FRA... firs: GOOO,EDMM,CZUL... manufacturer: BOEING,AIRBUS,BOMBARDIER... format: CSV,JSON
No. Dataset Name API Name Param1 Param2 Param3 Param4 Param5 Param6 Param7 Param8
  ICAO Airport codes (DOC7910 Location Indicators) doc7910 api_key airports format
  Airline codes (DOC8585 Operator 3-letter Designators) code-list api_key format states operators
  Aircraft codes (DOC8643 Aircraft Type Designators) type-list api_key format manufacturer
  Great Circle Distance Pre FIR gcd api_key from to format
  Realtime NOTAMS notams-realtime-list api_key format criticality locations
  All annexe Information annex api_key index language format
  Stored NOTAMS notams-list api_key format type Qcode locations qstring states ICAOonly
  Accidents accident api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
  Incidents incident api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
  State Traffic Statistics state-departure-stats api_key states format Year
  Flight Information Regions - Names fir-name-list api_key ANRegion states firs format
  Weather conditions current-conditions-list api_key airports states format
  Accident Statistics - Aggregated by State of Occurrence aggregated-stateofoccurrence-stats api_key states format Risk Year
  Accident Statistics - Aggregated by State of Operator aggregated-stateofoperator-staats api_key states format Risk Year
  Accident Statistics - Flat by State of Occurrence flat-stateofoccurrence-stats api_key states format Risk Year
  Accident Statistics - Flat by State of Operator flat-stateofoperator-stats api_key states format Risk Year
  Aerodrome Location Indicators indicators-list api_key state airports format
  Aerodrome Statistics aerodrome-stats api_key states format Year
  Airport COVID-19 NOTAMs airport-restrictions api_key states airports format
  Airport Departure Statistics airport-departure-stats api_key airports states format Year
  Airport PBN Implementation pbn-stats api_key airports states format
  Airspace COVID-19 NOTAMs airspace-restrictions api_key states format firs
  ASIAP Prioritization asiap-stats api_key format region
  CAAHR caa-hr api_key format
  Connections connection-stats api_key states format Year
  Economic and Governance Indicators economic-stats api_key states format Year
  Effective Implementation statistics on SSP Foundation eisummary-stats api_key states format
  Enhanced USOAP Progress by State progress-cert-stats api_key states format preview latest
  Flight Information Regions and Elevation - Find by Location fir-find-list api_key format places
  ICAO Member States icao-member-states api_key states format RO
  International Aerodromes international-list api_key format airports states
  International Airport Safety Characteristics safety-characteristics-list api_key airports states format
  IOSA Registered Airlines iosa-registry-list api_key states format operators
  List of SSP Foundation Protocol Questions (SSPPQs) ssp-pq-list api_key format
  List of USOAP Protocol Questions (PQs) usoap-pq-list api_key format ces areas
  Manufacturer List manufacturer-list api_key format manufacturer
  METAR Provider Locations metar-stations-list api_key airports states format
  NOTAM Criticality criticality-stats api_key format notam
  NOTAM Decoder qcode-stats api_key format notam
  Official Accidents accidents api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
  Operational Aerodrome Information operational-list api_key airports states format
  Operator Risk Profile profile-stats api_key states format operators
  Operator Statistics operator-stats api_key states format Year
  OPS Documentation Bundle opsbundle-list api_key format docnumber lang doctype
  PBN Global Goals - Aggregated aggregated-pbntarget-stats api_key states format
  PBN Implementation - Aggregated aggregated-implementation-stats api_key states format
  PBN Implementation - Flat flat-implementation-stats api_key states format
  Safety Partner Programs safety-partner-stats api_key states format
  Safety related Occurrences any api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
  Safety related Occurrences - MongoDB query querystring api_key format querystring
  Significant Safety Concerns (SSCs) ssc-list api_key states format
  State of Registries registration-states api_key states format RO
  State Safety Briefing (SSB) state-safety-briefing api_key state format
  State Safety Margins safety-margin-stats api_key states format
  USOAP Activities by State over time activity-list api_key format timeline states preview latest
  USOAP EI by State ei-stats api_key state format
  USOAP EI by State by year - Aggregated aggregated-ei-trend-stats api_key states format
  USOAP Progress by State progress-stats api_key state format