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Airports: CYUL,KJFK,LFPG... Global Airports Map Operators: ACA,CCA,DAL... States: USA,CAN,FRA... firs: GOOO,EDMM,CZUL... manufacturer: BOEING,AIRBUS,BOMBARDIER... format: CSV,JSON
No. Dataset Name API Name Param1 Param2 Param3 Param4 Param5 Param6 Param7 Param8
1 Accident Statistics - Aggregated by State of Occurrence aggregated-stateofoccurrence-stats api_key states format Risk Year
2 Accident Statistics - Aggregated by State of Operator aggregated-stateofoperator-staats api_key states format Risk Year
3 Accident Statistics - Flat by State of Occurrence flat-stateofoccurrence-stats api_key states format Risk Year
4 Accident Statistics - Flat by State of Operator flat-stateofoperator-stats api_key states format Risk Year
5 Accidents accident api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
6 Aerodrome Location Indicators indicators-list api_key state airports format
7 Aerodrome Statistics aerodrome-stats api_key states format Year
8 Aircraft Type Designators type-list api_key format manufacturer
9 Airport COVID-19 NOTAMs airport-restrictions api_key states airports format
10 Airport Departure Statistics airport-departure-stats api_key airports states format Year
11 Airport PBN Implementation pbn-stats api_key airports states format
12 Airspace COVID-19 NOTAMs airspace-restrictions api_key states format firs
13 ASIAP Prioritization asiap-stats api_key format region
14 CAAHR caa-hr api_key format
15 Connections connection-stats api_key states format Year
16 Economic and Governance Indicators economic-stats api_key states format Year
17 Effective Implementation statistics on SSP Foundation eisummary-stats api_key states format
18 Enhanced USOAP Progress by State progress-cert-stats api_key states format preview latest
19 Flight Information Regions - Names fir-name-list api_key ANRegion states firs format
20 Flight Information Regions and Elevation - Find by Location fir-find-list api_key format places
21 ICAO Member States icao-member-states api_key states format RO
22 Incidents incident api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
23 International Aerodromes international-list api_key format airports states
24 International Airport Safety Characteristics safety-characteristics-list api_key airports states format
25 IOSA Registered Airlines iosa-registry-list api_key states format operators
26 List of SSP Foundation Protocol Questions (SSPPQs) ssp-pq-list api_key format
27 List of USOAP Protocol Questions (PQs) usoap-pq-list api_key format ces areas
28 Location Indicators (DOC7910) doc7910 api_key airports format
29 Manufacturer List manufacturer-list api_key format manufacturer
30 METAR Provider Locations metar-stations-list api_key airports states format
31 NOTAM Criticality criticality-stats api_key format notam
32 NOTAM Decoder qcode-stats api_key format notam
33 Official Accidents accidents api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
34 Operational Aerodrome Information operational-list api_key airports states format
35 Operator 3-letter codes code-list api_key format states operators
36 Operator Risk Profile profile-stats api_key states format operators
37 Operator Statistics operator-stats api_key states format Year
38 OPS Documentation Bundle opsbundle-list api_key format docnumber lang doctype
39 PBN Global Goals - Aggregated aggregated-pbntarget-stats api_key states format
40 PBN Implementation - Aggregated aggregated-implementation-stats api_key states format
41 PBN Implementation - Flat flat-implementation-stats api_key states format
42 Realtime NOTAMS notams-realtime-list api_key format criticality locations
43 Safety Partner Programs safety-partner-stats api_key states format
44 Safety related Occurrences any api_key StateOfOccurrence format StateOfOperator StateOfRegistry Year
45 Safety related Occurrences - MongoDB query querystring api_key format querystring
46 Significant Safety Concerns (SSCs) ssc-list api_key states format
47 State of Registries registration-states api_key states format RO
48 State Safety Briefing (SSB) state-safety-briefing api_key state format
49 State Safety Margins safety-margin-stats api_key states format
50 State Traffic Statistics state-departure-stats api_key states format Year
51 Stored NOTAMS notams-list api_key format type Qcode locations qstring states ICAOonly
52 USOAP Activities by State over time activity-list api_key format timeline states preview latest
53 USOAP EI by State ei-stats api_key state states format
54 USOAP EI by State by year - Aggregated aggregated-ei-trend-stats api_key states format
55 USOAP Progress by State progress-stats api_key state format
56 Weather conditions current-conditions-list api_key airports states format